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June 21, 2012
by Lacy
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“Let’s Make an Amazing Thing Happen Right Now”

“All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism — it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.  As proof, let’s make an amazing thing happen right now.”

These were Conan O’Brien’s final words as he left his 20 year stint with NBC and was essentially fired from The Tonight Show. With all the reasons and support to be angry and seek revenge, he chose to take a different path. It was clear he was short-changed, or even “robbed” of his dream job. I love Conan. He makes me laugh. I held onto those words after I heard them and have been mulling them over in my head repeatedly after an event in my life this week.

My car was broken into and my entire collection of personal belongings were stolen. The thieves took everything from money to ipods, even pictures of my infant son. While this is a common occurrence and I’ve been refunded most of the money these people stole from me and my family, the event has crushed me. I’ve felt feelings for my fellow man I’ve never experienced before. I’ve desired to do the opposite of all the things I’ve taught my young child. As one who loves to give, I’ve felt the desire to hoard. As one who believes that all people, every last one of them, are worthy of love and help, I’ve dealt with emotions of hate and visions of rage.

This is not who I want to be.

I am kind.

I give to strangers, no questions asked. I tell my son, “It’s worth it. Even if they’re scamming you, it’s worth it.”

I want to continue being this person.

These wayward souls have taken much from me. They have violated me and my family. These people stole my son’s Christmas gift certificates and nearly wiped out his elementary school’s PTO checking account. Worst of all, they scared my child, made him feel vulnerable.

I’m tired of being mad and I must stop this train before I become a cynical robot, believing all people are out to get me and always looking out for number one.

My response to these people (today I’m respecting them enough to call them people, yesterday I used those words I tell my son are not acceptable) is to give more than I’ve given before. Give to people who may not deserve it and give with joy. To remind my shattered heart that I was still right and my way is still best. To show these criminals they did not break me. They took my stuff, but they will not find one more cynic in this world as a result.

I first thought of rallying and requesting others join me. Perhaps, collecting money towards one cause. We even thought we could send money to build a clean water well in another country. I was half tempted to just go pass out cash to the men who live under the bridges downtown. But the bottom line is, I’m going to give away money with joy to a cause that needs it, or even one that says they need it. I’m not going to worry about what happens to it or deeply search to determine if there truly was a need in the first place. I’m going to give with joy and trust amazing things will happen.

Why share this? I probably shouldn’t. Giving in secret is the best. The reward is far greater than any acknowledgement could ever be. This time I’m sharing because I thought others might be inspired to do the same. Others might drop their cynicism and be kind, make amazing things happen right now.

So, there’s my call to action. Search your heart and maybe react to my emotions. Consider digging deep and give to someone who says they are in need. Big or little. Whether it’s to an organization who will provide receipts or to the panhandler in the parking lot, just consider giving to someone. Just imagine the impact a few people could make, truly amazing things could happen.

One day I hope I have the chance to give to those who took so much from me. I hope I have the chance to turn the other cheek and be kind to them despite how unkind they were to me. I tell my son this is the way to live.

Until that day, I will continue to give to others and pray I never go back on what I’ve told my son.
“It’s worth it.”

June 19, 2011
by Lacy

Our Stormy Month

I’m notorious for blaming my blog strikes on “busyness” or “craziness.” I shouldn’t use those words so casually.
This past month has truly been busy and it’s honestly been one of the craziest times in my life.
Kenton’s Grandpa Clarence became ill early on in May. His condition worsened and long story short he was put on a ventilator and his chances of survival were low. The time came for Grandpa to come off the vent and we wanted to make certain we were there by his side.

Judah meeting his Grandpa Great. Clarence's birthday 10/31/03

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May 13, 2011
by Lacy
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Finishing Boston

The final two turns in the Boston Marathon have been called the most famous turns in the sporting world. It’s a right on Hereford and then a left on Boylston.

I knew it was coming this year and recording the final turns and the straight away to the finish line.

Oh, and my iPhone did not capture how loud that last stretch was. It was like being in a tunnel of roars.

Finishing Boston 2011 from Kenton & Lacy Hansen on Vimeo.

April 16, 2011
by Lacy


My head is spinning but I had to pause to show you who I saw today. The picture is blurry, but that’s okay.
I was walking through the expo and caught a glimpse of Ryan Hall and then he walked over to Josh Cox. With sweaty arm pits I interrupted them and asked for a picture.

April 12, 2011
by Lacy

Dealin’ With It

I don’t know why. I just do, ok?! I haven’t always, but I just do now. 

What am I talking about? PINK. That terrible, awful color. And why am I talking about it? Because my shoe’s this season only come in pink. ….iiiccck

When I called about my specially ordered Saucony Guide’s SIZE: 10.5 – NARROW (aka: HUGE mammoth , yet thin sized), the shoe store owner warned me that they were pink. He knew my strong distaste for the color too. Seeing as it was April 1st, I held out hope all day that it was a joke. Alas, it wasn’t and I now have my very first pair of pink shoes. So, yeah, I’m dealin’ with it!

Blue’s more my thing, if you hadn’t noticed
My new shoes

So, that’s my “spoiled, cushy, does what ever I please, has nothing to really whine about” problem of the week.
 In that same vain, Here’s the link to a nice article from a local magazine SPLURGE! They wrote about my said cushy life. Oh and the author included some really nice stuff about my family.

April’s Splurge!

So, that’s a small tidbit into the running drama going on this month. Oh, and that I’m leaving for Boston this week. I’m bib # 8007 and can be tracked along the race.

All the info’s at the link.

Here’s to hoping I’m all smiles (not just faked ones for the camera) as I cross the line on Monday. Even if I’m in pink shoes.

2010,  3:29 Finish

Me faking it. Really thinking “Is this real life?”

March 31, 2011
by Lacy
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Better Late Than Never!

Wow-za! It’s been so busy around here!
I woke up remembering that I forgot to draw the winners for this great book.
So, as the early morning trash trucks are rumbling down the street I’m up in the dark selecting the random winners.
I’m happy to announce that Jason N., Hannah, and Matt B. are the lucky winners of the great book,

Don’t Let Me Go, by David W. Pierce (What My Daughter Taught Me About the Journey Every Parent Must Make)

contact me: lacyjhansen at gmail dot com and I’ll get your book to you ASAP, promise!

In the meantime, here’s a really short video as we actually got to the finish line. You can hear my breathing and see just how slow we’re moving. You can also see that I’m just walking in my Dad’s footsteps. It’s a precious memory for me. 

I’ll also let you read our second attempt up the Peak. It was only one year later and it was ugly! 2008′s Ascent ended up being called off during the race due to a monstrous blizzard above tree line. We received that news about 10 miles up the trail. The only way off that trail was to turn around and go back down. Our 1/2 Marathon ended up being a 20 mile mountain hike in the freezing rain. Still a priceless memory, just not as found.

2008 Pike Peak Ascent- or Descent as it were!

March 17, 2011
by Lacy

Climbing Mountains

Yesterday registration for The Pikes Peak Ascent and the Pikes Peak Marathon opened up. I saw so many out there on the interwebs mention they signed up. I, however, did not. Not yet, at least. This race is so special to me though. I was lucky enough to complete the race to the top of Pikes Peak with my Dad. We completed the Ascent in 2007.
We didn’t know what we were doing, we were slow, and we were deliriously happy when it was all over.

The Ascent proved to be a trek up a literal and metaphorical mountain for me and my Dad. It’s a treasured memory I will store in my heart for the rest of my life. I mean, how many of you have climbed a mountain with your Dad?

Finished! Smiling at 14,000+ Feet

The complete, heart felt account is found at this link. Warning: it still makes me cry after all these years.

It’s all worth it once you’re at the top!

As I listened to some great runner’s chat while we ran this winter, we got in to a conversation about a book they’d all been reading. The book is titled Don’t Let Me Go, by David W. Pierce (What My Daughter Taught Me About the Journey Every Parent Must Make). My friends kept talking about how the story made them want to climb mountains and run races with their daughters, as the book accounts the adventures of a father and daughter as they climb mountains and, you guessed it, run races together. The more I listened the more I knew I had to get my hands on this book.
I did just that. I was immediately surprised at the first two pictures I saw as I thumbed through it in the book store. They looked just like the pictures my Dad and I had taken as we journeyed up Pikes Peak.
I gave the book to my Dad for Christmas and we both have really enjoyed comparing our climb verses theirs.

I was so impressed with just the first two chapters, I emailed the author and let him know about me and my Dad. David Pierce has been such a great guy. He got back with me right away after he read my blog post. We’ve shared kind words and encouragements back and forth over the last month.
It feels like we’re in the same club. We’ve both been changed by our “mountain climbs” and our “marathons.” We both know what an unbreakable bond a father and daughter can form once they endure these things together.
If you haven’t climbed a mountain with your dad, I highly recommend it. Pikes Peak registration is open you know. :)
Also, if you haven’t read David’s book. I highly recommend that as well.
He was nice enough to send me 3 copies to give away.

I’ll hold a random drawing in one week. To be entered in the drawing leave a comment. Let me know about what you thought of my story of our Pikes Peak Ascent. Let me know if you’ve experienced something similar with your Dad. Let me know what your hopeful plans are for you and your Dad. There’s no wrong answer here.
I’m so excited for a few of you to get your hands on this book.

Here’s a video of all the images from our 2007 Pikes Peak Ascent

February 27, 2011
by Lacy
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Long Story Short

So, here’s the short story of what’s been happening.
January 22, I join the GoRun Runners and headed out to Kingman County for “one hill of a run.” 20 insane miles on the relentless hills of Kingman. As one friend said, “those hills were demoralizing!”

That’s a big deal for Kansas, ok?

 They were, but it felt good to get that awesome workout in so early in the training season.

A PRE shot before the Kingman Hills

I ran my normal miles the rest of the week. I felt tight in my left calf specifically but chalked it up to the hill run. I stretched more and just dealt with it.
Wednesday, January 26, was my typical morning 10 miler with some speed work. I even got creative and “Stitched” my neighborhood.

My “Stitch” Run

I had to stop twice on this run to stretch out my calf. Again, I just thought the pain was tightness and assumed some more localized attention would do the trick.
That evening I ran once more with the GoRun evening group. I complained that the “tightness” was really bugging me. After the run I stuck around for a great clinic about running drills. I had a great time ignoring the screaming pain and learning to do high knee and skipping drills.

The GoRun Running Clinic

I cycled on the non-running days and kinda forgot about the pain.
I even had a DEXA Scan done at my doctor’s office. It revealed some lower bone density levels that we’re slightly concerning for a runner, especially a female runner. All the time I was at the docs it never occurred to me to mention the pain in my calf. I just assumed it was a fluke and I went on with my scan. (It also gave an accurate reading of my body fat percentage. But you don’t care about that do you?)

My Bones and Tissue

However, by the halfway point of my 18 miler on January 29, I knew something more than tightness was brewing in my left calf. I feared the worse. The runner’s kryptonite: A STRESS FRACTURE.

I contacted my PT, Mr. Karl Glick. he told me not to run and come see him Monday, January 31.
I should have taken a wooden spoon to bite down on with me to that appointment. Once he confirmed it wasn’t a stress fracture (phew!) he proceeded to try and kill me.
While it wasn’t a stress fracture it was a nasty tear in my calf. He immediately hooked me up to an ultrasound machine and treated the “knot.” Then he used his hands to “workout the knot.” OH. MY.
I can’t think of anything more painful in my entire life. Not childbirth (eventual c-section of a 9lbs. 13oz. baby), not a stress fracture, not stitches, not running a marathon, or recovering from a marathon. Nope. Not one thing has been as painful as the therapy for a muscle tear.
I was on my belly, clinching my fist, and kicking my good leg. (I later learned that most cry and that includes the grown men. I feel that earns me some serious street cred.)
I left the office with the strict instructions not to run, cycling and swimming were okay, and to come back on Wednesday, February 2.
Thank goodness for the purchase of a trainer this winter. My butt and that saddle got real familiar this month!
I was lucky to only have to do the ultrasound treatment on 2/2/11, not hand-to-calf contact. That was a nice Groundhog’s gift! No more torture.
Karl had me schedule a massage with our favorite therapist, Nancy Korroch, for Friday, February 4. He treated me with another ultrasound and then sent me down the street to her.
She worked that pesky tear over. I wasn’t in as much pain as Monday, but sheesh! I found myself on my belly clinching my fist once more.
She also had another plan for me. She’s been researching Ion Detox Foot Baths. I got to be one of her guinea pigs. Along with claims of ridding your body of dangerous toxins, it also couples with electrode therapy. So I sat with electrodes on my sore calf, causing it to contract, and watched as my clear water turned into a swamp of supposed toxins.

Nice clean water to start

Less than 5 minutes in

About 15 minutes

The final shot at 30 minutes

 The chart showed that greens and oranges were possible toxins from my gallbladder and joints, I think. Like I said, we’re in the research stage of this product. And she figured, it couldn’t hurt to try and see if it helped the healing process. Man, it was gross to see though!!

I couldn’t run long the next day, so on Saturday, February 5, I replaced my long run with my first 50 mile spin. Whew! Even the best of shows can’t make that sort of thing fun. I watched a lot of TV that day and was so glad when the 50 rolled over on my calculator!
Fast forward to Wednesday, February 9. I’d totaled four ultrasound treatments and even was approved to give the elliptical a whirl.

Finally on my feet

But Wednesday was the real test. A bona fide run on a treadmill was on the doctor’s orders. Only 3 miles, but I took it. I felt pretty good and I got pretty eager. I felt like a caged horse, dying to run. I probably ran a little too hard, finishing up in sub 7/minute miles. It felt really good.
Wednesday, February 16: PT require a morning 5 miler and an evening 5 miler to see how the legs would do on their first double digit day. I’d been allowed to run several 5′s and 6′s since the first treadmill run, but nothing higher. All signs pointed towards healing as I finished my day’s miles with the Wednesday GoRun gang once more.
Saturday, February 19: First “Long Run” back. Ran 14 with the Saturday morning crew and reported back to PT that there was no pain, just a little tightness. He sent me on to my normal week this week and had me plan to check in on Thursday.
Thursday, February 24: “If you promise to go moderate, no hills, no speed work, and vow to shut it down after 15 miles if there’s pain, you can run the scheduled 20.”
Saturday, February 26 (Today):

No PAIN to report!
Kids, I think we’re back in business!
Anyone want to buy my tickets to Boston?

February 9, 2011
by Lacy

He’s All Heart!

My little man is hi-jacking the blog today. I’ll allow it though.

Check out what he has to say:

(Notice his celebration at the end? That was “Take 15″ of the afternoon!)

Here’s “His Website”:
I used to participate in Jump Rope For Heart when I was little and it’s been great to watch Judah do the same for the last 3 years.
World Cup Practice
One of his pals from pre-school has a baby brother with a “special heart.” Judah was really impacted when he learned that a baby had to go through open heart surgery. It really sank in this summer when he saw the scar at a pool party. 
Michael Phelps #2
So, even though this snow is causing lots of cabin fever, Judah doesn’t argue too much when he’s told he needs to get some “exercise.”
If it’s too cold to get outside, then he has to give us 30 minutes of Wii Fit. Tough price to pay for having a healthy heart.
Blizzard of Oz, 2011
He’s starting to understand what a gift good health really is. 
Thanks for listening and thank you for your donations!
9:05, 1 Mile Oct. 2010. That’s MY boy!!

February 6, 2011
by Lacy
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Stir Crazy!!!

I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, but it feels like I’ve been in another dimension lately! (more on that later)
In the meantime, check out who else has been bringing home the bling this month!!
Little man took home two, yes TWO, trophies from his first Pinewood Derby.
My Dad helped him build the car and the axles. He helped him add weight and get it painted. We helped him get he’s desired design of a Wii-mote perfected.
The little booger walked away with the trophy for best design and for being the fastest Tiger Cub! He earned a spot to go on to a district competition. Must be rough being the best at everything!

Judah and His Pit Crew!

The day of the derby it was a rare 70 degree January day, two days later it was a record low of 3 degrees and so much snow and cold that school was canceled for 3 days straight!

My Little Snow Monster!

All of this took place while my running was being seriously effected. Not so much by the weather though. The longer story, I’ll get to next is about my new adventures with a torn calf muscle. Stay tuned, it’s good one!