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Pomegranates and Suicides -That’s an Awesome Band Name!

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Despite the scratches and aches from #7 “Roll Down a Hill”, we weren’t deterred from continuing our list. Sunday allowed us to cross off #11 and #5.


#11 “Eat A Pomegranate”

Judah had tried pomegranates at school this year and Kenton had gotten one once in his Christmas stocking. I had never had one. They are messy but delicious. Our white kitchen table was splattered with deep red pomegranate juice after we were done. It look like a crime scene more than a snack.

#5 “Make A Suicide” 

We clarified that it was a sugar-free suicide as we figured the caffeine was bad enough, why add insult to injury.

Kenton recalled making these at his Dad’s restaurant, Gringo Charlie’s, back in the 80′s. I remembered making them at Godfather’s Pizza with my big sister. Not sure what the appeal was, but it sure was cool back then. Judah loved it, Kenton and I felt like we were drinking generic brand soda.

In both cases, we laughed and enjoyed the experiences. Whether they were first-times or old memories revisited, sharing them together as a family was unforgettable.

One Comment

  1. hahaha!

    i use to think it was SO cool to make suicides! actually back-in-the-day, my cousin told me the COOL way to say it was “sewer-side”. have no idea why we liked to mix pops so much.

    really enjoying the bucket list posts guys!

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