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Number 4: “Waterpark”


Number 4 on the list is “waterpark.”  This was one of the items that we didn’t fret about because we know there are several waterparks in the Wichita area. However, last week while Kenton and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary we remembered how special Schlitterbahn was to us. We’d never been to a Schlitterbahn Waterpark before, that’s not why it was special. You see, while we were honeymooning in South Padre Island, Texas (the most exotic place two 20 year olds with a $500 credit limit could afford) we kept seeing signs for the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in the area. All the ads specifically said “Schlitterbahn!” From that, we cried out with exclamation, “Schlitterbahn!” every time we saw a sign. It was so silly to us that we even put a brochure from the park in our photo album from the trip. When Judah saw the brochure while we were reminiscing, he started asking about the park. And we instantly recalled why we had saved the pamphlet in the first place and proceeded to cry out, “Schlitterbahn!” all week long. Long story short, he was now in on the dorky joke and we all had Schlitterbahn! on the brain.

Knowing we’d be in KC for Worlds of Fun made it really easy to choose Schlitterbahn as our location for crossing off number 4. The location was fairly new, we’d never been, and we needed a better reason for screaming it’s name all the time.

I think he smiled for 48 hours straight

We all had a great time. We loved the way Schlitterbahn uses all sorts of rivers to carry you across the park. I guess that’s why it’s called Schlitterbahn. The name Schlitterbahn is a German word loosely translated as “slippery road”. It was like a water highway. Way better than trying to rush on the hot pavement to get to an attraction. Most of the rivers were more than a lazy river too. They had rapids and tidal waves and even escalators of sorts that you rode while still in your tube. The whole park was great.

Number 4: “Water Park”- CHECK!


We rode several of the big slides. Those lines were a bit long and Judah didn’t realize how high we climbed until he looked out over the entire park and city for that matter. “Whoa, we’re really high.” Kenton and I hadn’t been to a water park since we were 19. While we still had a blast this time,  the best park was watching Judah emerge from one of the high tunnel slides. He was all smiles, bright eyed, and exclaiming, “That was awesome!” Again, this list was one of the best things we’ve ever done, ever.

A Great Day in the Sun


Our last event of the day was to visit the new “Boogie Bahn” attraction. Schlitterbahn Kansas City has a surf ride. A constant “wave” is running and you’re given a bodyboard to attempt body surfing and if you’re really good, actual surfing. Judah just *had* to do this, so guess what? We waited in that line too. While we waited, I watched every female in line step aside once they reached the front. I guess they were just waiting with their husband or boyfriend. Even though I was zonked and really had no interest in looking like a fool infront of all the people, I felt it was necessary to give it a go. I’m not very good at being a girl, well not the kind who sits on the sidelines at least.

We all tried and eventually we all wiped out and were thrown off. It wasn’t pretty, but it was fun.

We had to call it a day, hit the showers, and then hit the road. We rolled up to our house way past bedtime. We were tired, sore, a little sun-kissed, but full of so many great memories.

He must have been tired to sleep like this!

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