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Number 10: “Buy Something Over and Over in a Disguise”


List item #10 says: “Buy something over and over in a disguise.” On Sunday, we crossed this item off. I could write all about it, but I think the video speaks for itself.



Our repeat purchases- Tattoos and expandable washrags.

This was the hardest list item for me, by far. I’d jump off a bridge before I’d do this again. However, I’m glad we did it. Surely this story will be retold for the rest of our lives.

Said Disguises


One unexpected consequence of our YLOO list is the stories. Not just the stories we create but the ones we learn from sharing our experiences. While Judah was explaining to his Great Aunt Nancy what he had done, she had to remind Kenton that he had done something similar once too. Granted, no costumes were involved but Kenton was reminded of the time he and his Aunt had gone into the grocery store to buy Little Debbie Cakes repeatedly. Since there was a coupon on the box, the two bought a box, went the the car, cut out the coupon, and then returned for another box. Nancy and Kenton laughed as they recalled how many boxes of snack cakes they ended up with before it was over. Without our list, Kenton may have never remembered that day with his Aunt and we may have missed out on another opportunity to share laughs with our family.

Mission Accomplished, whew!


We spent a total of $6.45 on this list item, money well spent, don’t you think?


  1. You guys are awesome parents. The memories you are making for Judah will be something he will never ever forget.

  2. I LOVE this! My kids and I got a good laugh out of your goofiness. What a fun memory!

  3. I’ve seen Kenton’s shirt somewhere before…

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