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#7 “Roll Down A Hill”

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This is the first in a series of stories documenting our attempt to live every day. See them all here.

No time like the present to start marking items off our “YLOO List.”  This morning’s challenge was to knock out number 7, “Roll Down A Hill.” As you might have guessed this was one of Judah’s additions to the list. He’d never  done this and we felt it was high time he get that experience. I hadn’t rolled down a hill since I was a middle schooler. I remember doing so at the West Bank Stage during a RiverFest concert. I returned home itchy and covered in chigger bites, but with no regrets.

We decided there was no better place than to return to the site of my last hill roll. The West Bank Stage has seen better days and the hill has become a breeding ground for sticker patches. Never the less, we threw on long sleeve shirts (our protection) and let gravity take it’s course.

Summer 2012 YLOO List item #7 COMPLETE!

If you haven’t rolled down a hill in over 15 years, do it. I dare you to try and contain your laughter. Even if you’re rolling through painful stickers and rough, rocky dirt, pure joy will still beat out any discomfort. As you’ll see in the video raw emotions were captured. All frustations from the day disappeared as we acted like children and made sure our son got to accomplish one of his goals. I will remember this day, always.

We had so much fun we crossed the street and gave it one more try at the hill by Exploration Place. It was all soft grass and probably where we should have started.

I’ll probably pay for this in the morning, but hey, “You Live Only Once”, right?

Forgive Kenton’s chicken scratch and mis-spellings. #7 is crossed off the list!


This is the first in a series of stories documenting our attempt to live every day. See them all here.

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