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Number 8: “Cartwheel”

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Upon attempting, I quickly realized I’d be adding an edit to number 8: “cartwheel.” After countless falls and an awkward fear of trying, number 8 quickly became, “Attempt a cartwheel.”


I’ve never been able to do one, but I thought I’d surely figure this out in a matter of minutes, I mean, I’m an athlete now, how hard could it be?

I secretly wanted to be a gymnast as a child. I would use the back of the couch as my beam and imagine all the beautiful flips and moves I’d be doing. Yeah, this dream might just have to remain in my head.

Lets just say, I had to start poppin’ ibuprofen at about midnight that night and my bum is still tender when I sit.


Sit back and enjoy nearly 45 minutes of “cartwheels” sped up into less than 5.

We’re not ready for the award podium just yet, but did you laugh that much on Tuesday night? I doubt it!

One Comment

  1. I suppose I should say, “good try,” but…wow. Just wow. *facepalm*

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