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Base Camp


We rolled in to Brighton, CO at about 3 AM our time, 2 AM their time. Uncle George left the light on for us!
After too few hours of sleep, Judah, who slept for a solid 8, came bounding in with mountain fever. I tried to suppress his excitement to no avail.
"Okay, I'm up!"
I woke to find various aunts, uncles, and cousins scattered through the house.
Judah and I were quickly put to work, picking the gooseberry harvest from Aunt Kathy's garden. We're loading enough food for 18 people, most of it grown right in Brighton. I wish we had all these farms at home.
Cousin Matty decided to take off on a run with me. He's in from NYC and his sea level lungs couldn't hang for long. He released me to go on and I did.
Brighton is just outside Denver and there's an amazing view of the mountains. The mountains did their best to distract as I was noticing the altitude sucking my air. I took a solid 3-5 minute break after 5 miles. I quickly recovered and made if back to Uncle George's for fresh garden produce.
Everyone loaded their cars to the brim and began the trip up to Breckenridge.
We grabbed a quick tasty lunch at Panda Express, potty breaked, and now we're rolling up hill with our 92 year old Great Great Aunt Faye keeping us very entertained.
We just drove through a mountain!  What a beautiful state! Next stop, Breckenridge! 

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