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A Day In The Life


I’ve often seen other’s capture moments of their days. I love to see what a real day consist of for others. No one asked me, but I thought I’d share one of our days anyway.
A Day In The Life
Tuesday, August 3, 2010.
I was already up, but hadn’t turned the alarm off. I also wanted to take a picture. So as the 3rd alarm of the morning blared I finally got a picture. (I had been up since 7)
First thing is first. Finally. After claiming to be a Christian for 15 years, I’ve only had a solid year of finding quite time daily. I’m so glad I start all my mornings this way.
Waking up the troops. I took this only after I completely uncovered his body. He sleeps with his feet on the pillow and his head buried deep in the blankets. He’s afraid of monsters and feels safer this way.
Making Kenton’s lunch. This picture looks horrible. But I make a fresh salad every morning to go with his lunch. We both agree regular carrots taste better than baby carrots. So, you will hear the chopping of vegetables every morning. 
The Filling of the Waters. 64 oz. + bike bottle for me. 24oz. bottle with name written on it for little man.
Who needs Body Glide? I have to use Vaseline to keep my narrow shoes from rubbing.
Quickly loading Steve Runner’s newest episode for listening pleasure.
Time was ticking. Needed to leave by 8:15 and the Bret Michaels headband wasn’t folded yet.
One Mommy, one kid, and one bike. Loaded and ready to roll.
And we’re off.
Arrive at the YMCA, just in time to be typically late for the start of Judah’s 8:30 class.
Ready to ride.
Rolling downhill is my favorite part of a bike ride!
Cheap bike drink break. My water bottle cage is too small to safely pull out my water and attempt to put it back in mid-ride.

I returned from my ride. Saw a swim lane was opened. I ran to the locker room, threw on my suit, hosed off, and rushed to the pool. The one lane was now occupied by a swim class. Awesome.
My only thought was to use the 20 minutes I had left by running on the track. I rushed back in to the locker room, threw back on stinky clothes and ran to the track. I squeezed in 2 miles in the remaining 13 minutes.
On our way to the car, we had to rescue a caterpillar. Naturally.
Pit stop at the library. After just completing his summer reading goal (226 books), he was eager to get some DVDs to bring home.
HOLD THE PHONE! Diet Dr. Pepper is on sale and we were almost out. I haven’t purchased Cheez-It’s, well, possibly ever. However, if you bought 3 12 packs, they were free. We both were happy.

Home. Loading bike miles via Garmin 405 ANT wireless technology. LOVE IT!
LUNCH TIME! Judah’s lunch of choice this week. Cheese quesadilla, carrots, strawberries, and oyster crackers. He just discovered sour cream this summer. He’s in heaven.
Half of my lunch. Kenton and I both have a “big salad” every lunch. (Notice the wash rag napkin? Yeah, that’s our ‘green’ solution to paper napkins. They’re cheaper than cloth napkins and work just as well. But, when company comes over we’re too embarrassed to offer a wash rag, so we’ll pull out old birthday party napkins.)
The rest of lunch. Looks appetizing? Doesn’t it? Kind of not. This is Kenton’s accidental recipe. Tuna, Italian dressing and curry. It’s my favorite!! And on a rice cake. No gluten for this kid. Plus an orange to round it off. All while I check the “Twitters.”
Ah…finally! The 1st Diet Dr. Pepper of the day!
So gross. I hadn’t showered yet.
That’s Better.
Special day! We were off to my massage therapist.
Judah had to come along. He was loaded with DVDs and earphones.
Post massage hairstyle. Oh well, it’s totally worth it!
He did such a great job, a frozen drink from Quik Trip was deserved!
Cheap drink summer! 49 cent drinks are addictive, especially when it was 108 degrees!
10 minutes later it reached 109. New record high.
Daddy’s HOME!! He had to check the “Twitters” too.
Judah had VBS and we had a quiet car once he was dropped off.
Tempted to go out for spring rolls, we wisely went home and attempted to make our own.
Verdict: we need more practice.
After a frustrating ride home, (apparently, Judah was making fart noises during the lesson at church), I dug out his dirty clothes. Only newbie mommies leave stickers on the dirty clothes. It should only take one ruined shirt to learn that lesson. I’m so glad I remembered. This is my favorite shirt he has.
The movie I put in the queue arrived!! It was awesome to revisit this movie as an adult.
Favorite line: “If I’m not here when you get back, I’ll either be at the gym or the gun club.” 
         Bowl number 1. A girl’s got to carbo load some how!
So there’s a day in my life. I thought it was funny to do this project yesterday because it was such an abnormal day. Oh well. That’s life.
What did you do today?


  1. This was fun Lacy, I think I might try it tomorrow or Friday. I liked reading about your day – thanks for sharing:)

  2. Whew! I'm tired just reading (and looking at?) about your day. This mama doesn't chop veggies before noon :)

    I had to chuckle: you can safely take a pic of yourself riding down a hill, yet not take a sip of water!! I'm just impressed you got that shot. I'd be on my rear end in the middle of the road. That, or the camera would be in the hospital.

    And the best part, is starting your day of with the best kind of grounding and inspiration there is: in the Word.

  3. Fun! I did one of those years ago on a "mom board." Tee hee, just listened to the Fdip coffee podcast too.

  4. My wife and I have been talking about how to ditch the paper towels – they're so convenient but we both feel guilty using them. At least I know we're not the only weird ones out there!

    (If I'm remembering right, I found your blog linked off of RunnurMark's quite some time ago. I've been following for a little while, just never commented before – I have a tendency to completely suck at commenting on blogs).

  5. wow, you're a busy mom! great post…

  6. I'm actually very very spoiled and any of you who think I'm busy, I had to laugh! Busy by choice, not obligation.

    Jesse, I felt so silly revealing our "secret" about the wash rags, but man it's so much cheaper and better!
    Thanks for reading everyone and the comments!

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