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Prepping for the Fire


It’s Taper week. The marathon is on Sunday. I’ve never been so busy leading up to a local race before. It’s been good though. It’s been rewarding to to help out and do my best to promote this inaugural race. Wichita is not a marathon city….yet. Many people are still unaware of what’s really getting ready to happen. Kenton and I have really tried to use our connections and help make Wichita a marathon city.

Kenton developed a spectator’s site. We drove the course this week and really scooped out the best places to watch from. We also got to visit with many of the businesses that are along the route. Hopefully, the buzz will spread and the city will come out on Sunday to support the runers. Spectators make the race.
Some of my favorite race memories are from spectators.
- Small children handing out orange slices in Boston
- Kids having high five competitions in Boston, seeing who could get the most
- Being offered hot bacon in OKC from a resident
- Being cheered for by name (printed on bib) from someone else’s mom
- Reading the signs from the girls at Wellesly College (Kiss Me I’m…….)
- Being cheered for by a “more cowbell” look-a-like in OKC
- Being served Gatorade from Darth Vador
- Having my tiny nephew and son hold up their “home-made” signs
- Seeing Judah hold up sign from his entire kindergarten class

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